Ljubljana-style breakfast

Start your day with a hearty breakfast made from 100% locally-sourced ingredients. The Ljubljana-style breakfast is served in selected restaurants and hotels around town and consists of products from local farmers, and fruit and vegetables from orchards, fields, and greenhouses in Ljubljana and its surroundings.

Ljubljana breakfast is part of Green regional supply chains, a project we started in 2015. The aim is to offer restaurants and hotels a simple, organised purchase system of 100% local (or regionally / nationally produced food at reasonable prices), and to support local farmers at the same time.

From farms and fields in the surroundings of Ljubljana

bread, pastry, janška vezivka (festive bread from Janče)
organic flakes
sauerkraut or sour turnip
Vodnik’s lamb’s lettuce salad (the so-called “repunclova” salad) made according to a recipe from 1799" solata po receptu iz leta 1799

From the beehives

locally-sourced honey

From the Ljubljana dairy market:

butter, and cheese

Meat products

dry charcuterie and ham
liver pâté
cooked beef tongue
cooked, slightly smoked sausage

From the orchards:

baked apples
natural apple juice from Janče


Ljubljana cottage cheese pancakes with tarragon
štruklji rolls
apple strudel
potica cake (with tarragon, cottage cheese, walnuts...)