Ana Roš placed among the world chef elite once again
News, Events 24.10.2018

Autumn in Ljubljana also coloured with Wine

The autumn in the capital will feature diverse culinary events. Ljubljana, the city of wine and vine is intertwined with a rich wine offer and events with wines from all three wine-growing regions.

Slovenia is the land of quality wine, which are placed among the world’s best by quality. Wine making has a rich history. The vine was spread in the are of Slovenia in the times of the Celts, while the Romans are those who developed the first forms of viticulture in this area. The oldest vine in the world is home in Slovenia. The Žametovka
wine grape variety from the Štajerska region is confirmed to be more than 400 years old and has been entered into the Guinness World Records as the oldest vine in the world. Its cutting can be found in the Castle Vineyard at the Ljubljana Castle.

The crossroads of the Mediterranean, the Prealps and the Pannonian Plain have a very favourable climate for grow the noble vine. Slovenia boasts with over 33 thousands of hectares of vineyard parts in the Podravje, Posavje and Primorska region. The three wine-growing regions differ in site and climate. The natural conditions have an essential effect on the wine characteristics, meaning the regions differ in the selection of wine varieties. You can select among white, red, the demanding full and light, dry, sweet and sparkling wines. It is almost impossible not to find something for every individual due to the rich selection. The City of Ljubljana prides in quality wine shops and various events in the field of wine.

The culinary blossom in Ljubljana has reached the wine events as well and led them to new proportions. For the second consecutive year we Will connect them in the November Gourmet Festival, which enriches the events of Ljubljana. The enthusiasts of the exquisite wines can visit the festival events, such as the St. Martin's Day Celebration in Ljubljana (Martinovanje v Ljubljani , which celebrates the day the must turns into wine, the 21st consecutive Slovenian Wine Festival (Slovenski festival vin)
and a little younger Festival of Live Wines (Festival živih vin) , which is finding its place among the recognised wine festivals and is intended for all enthusiasts of natural wines and fermented food.

The wine and culinary activities can be experienced in a more boutique setting. The Ljubljana Tourism organises the Wine Experience in Ljubljana (Ljubljansko vinsko doživetje) . Every Saturday the local wine connoisseurs lead you on the carefully selected wine posts and offer you tastings of nine varieties of the three wine-growing regions. The tastings are accompanied by the selected local culinary of rich tradition, all prepared by using local ingredients and modern presentation.

The autumn in Ljubljana will not be a time of calmness, but the time of varied culinary events. The events will be dispersed around the entire city, and everyone can find something for themselves. Welcome!



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