Autumn in Ljubljana also coloured with Wine
Interview with Bine Volčič


Gin has been slowly but steadily climbing its way to the top of the popular alcoholic beverages in Slovenia. The sales of gin have been increasing noticeably. The fondness for this interesting beverage has encouraged us to spread the news ourselves. A few years ago, the revolution of craft beers reached Slovenia, and now we have suddenly been swamped with quality boutique brands of Slovenian gins. This beverage is not only popular as a classic combination with a tonic, its is becoming a more and more popular ingredient to cocktails and an important addition in the cuisine.

Many chefs and restaurant owners have started including this beverage due to its remarkable popularity. More and more world-renowned chefs have been using gin as an ingredient in food preparation. The Slovenian culinary parties have been focusing on tasting and merging this popular beverage and selected dishes. Gin has become so popular it even received its own day – we “celebrate” gin on 9 June.

The beverage with the scent of juniper is full of flavours and the chefs use it as a mix of herbal and floral taste. It also excels in strong aromas, and the connoisseurs warn too much gin can overwhelm other tastes and spices in dishes.

The dish with gin should be cooked until the alcohol evaporates. The longer you cook it, more alcohol evaporates, and the taste is better. Freezing is similar. If you are preparing a frozen dessert, too much gin can usually prevent the freezing of the dessert. It accompanies dishes with pasta, fish and poultry, while it offers a sophisticated taste with the dessert dishes. Gin is excellent for icings on desserts and works well with mousses and frozen desserts.

Housewives are also familiar with gin as they recommend its use with pickling, removing wine stains or bad smell in shoes. It can be used as an air freshener, a magical potion for youthful look, and the tips for use are increasing every day.

Slovenians can take pride in several boutique brands, such as Berryshka, Limbay Gin, Monologue, Bratinov Gin and Brin Gin. The brewers are always perfecting their recipes, which is proven by various awards abroad. After all the Slovenian gin by chef Tomaž Kavčič was placed among the eight best spirits of the world in the USA!



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